By Kristof Oltvai and Matthew Pennekamp
Features Editor, Staff Writer

A second poll of the student body concerning DCGA elections was conducted by The Denisonian on Thursday of last week (April 18), after executive platforms had been uploaded to OrgSync. 274 first-year, sophomore, and junior students were polled. Students enjoying the outdoors on East Quad as well as students in Knapp, Higley, Fellows, and Talbot Halls; Slayter Union; and the Doane Library were polled.

Students were asked whether they preferred either candidate in both the presidential and vice presidential elections, what their likelihood of voting was, whether they considered themselves persons of color, whether they considered themselves LGBTQ, whether they were international students, whether they were involved in Greek life on campus, whether they were male or female, whether they were a varsity athlete, and their political leanings.

Polls indicate that Ana Victoria Morales ’14 continues to lead in the presidential race. She conquered a plurality in most categories, although Jackson Wu-Pong ’15 did lead among Greek-affiliated students.

Hung Tran ’15 leads over Stetson Thacker ’14 in all categories for the VP race.

The Denisonian will publish select data in its Apr. 23 print issue. However, there are other demographics that we would like to break down and highlight for readers here.

Of all those polled, Morales and Tran lead:

All those polled

Among Greek-affiliated voters, Wu-Pong and Tran lead:

Greek life

Among “certain” and “very likely” voters, Morales and Tran lead:

certain very likely


Among those polled who are now or have been on a varsity sports team at Denison, Morales and Tran lead:


For reference, the demographic breakdown of those polled was as follows:

  • Sex identity – 53% female, 47% male
  • Sexual orientation 4% identified as LGBT, 95% did not, 1% did not respond
  • Affiliation – 57% were independent, 43% were members of a Greek organization
  • Interationalism – 90% were domestic students, 10% were international students
  • Athletics – 30% of those polled were or have been members of a Big Red varsity team, 70% have not been
  • Race – 22% of those polled identified as persons of color, 78% did not
  • The political leanings of those polled were as follows:

political leanings