By Jessie Mack
Managing Editor 

As I reflect on my time here at Denison, I think about the great experiences and opportunities that were given to me as a student. I wonder if I have taken full advantage of everything the hill has to offer.

Often times, you may hear students complain about the areas and components of campus that are wrong and negative but what about the positive qualities of the University? There are so many opportunities available to students that there is no excuse that a student should have an empty summer, be a loner during the semester nor graduate unsure about their future.

Denison is a place of cultivation, leadership development and personal growth. Unfortunately, it is a shame that many students don’t acknowledge this key quality until their senior year because they have become victims of having to be busy all the time.

Typically this occurs during a self-reflection process that includes an idea of wanting to move forward from Denison but a sense of comfortability that many are just not ready to release.

Having such an epiphany late in the game is the realization of many seniors, even as we starting to just have random thoughts about plans and goals for after Denison.

What I find most important for many underclassmen to understand is, yes, party until you’re blue in the face, have fun but have a state of mindfulness, being in the present during your Dension experience. Take advantage of the many opportunities that Dension offers. It can range from a trip to Counseling Services because you feel overwhelmed or home-sick, Academic Enrichment for any struggles you might have with classes or Career Exploration and Development when you are interested in internships and planning for your future after Denison; utilize the tools here on campus and you are guaranteed to be successful.

We are taught to be critical thinkers and to consistently cultivate our leadership abilities through student organizations and within the classroom.

But what about the obvious aspects that being neglected on campus, there is no reason to come to such a unique institution and leave in the same condition you came because you were too lazy to attend campus events or value what the University had to offer. When you know better, you do better so let’s do better and take the assistance that we are offered on the daily basis.

This is the time of historic transition for our community, where it is at such a good place to not only tackle the various problems and keep up the good work to sustain our success, but also go beyond that, to create the Denison that we have always been talking about.