By Anna Strench

Special to the Denisonian

A handful of Denison students, faculty, and community members came together on Saturday, Oct. 5, to celebrate the completion of a new building recently added to The Homestead.

The celebration kicked off with the planting of a tree to commend the newest addition to this environmentally friendly living space. The Homestead is located just down the road from campus, past the bio reserve, and serves as home for eleven Denison students. It is a unique residence positioned in a secluded area, away from the majority of society, and it has a lot to offer.

Student residents enjoy an environmentally friendly lifestyle and learn to take care of their needs within their local surroundings. Four buildings sit upon the hill of this area, two of which are currently being used as living space, and one that serves as a kitchen and storage area.

The Homestead is available as a living option for any Denison students who are at least a sophomore and want to become part of this unique community. The students are completely self-sufficient as they grow their own food, maintain the area, and even walk at least twenty minutes to class every day.

Sophomore Alex Tybl from Pittsburgh, Pa. described the Homestead as “one of the coolest places at Denison, [because it has] such a strong sense of community.” He lives in the building referred to as ‘Cabin Phoenix’, which was rebuilt after an accidental fire in 2000. This type of building is called an ‘earthship’ because it is built into the ground and lined with dirt and old tires, which provide it with natural heat.

Another current resident, sophomore Ryan Liedke from Chicago, Ill. chose to live at the Homestead after several visits and dinner. He described this place as one where community “is the pervading culture, [and it is] just a great environment.”

The students who live here grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, many of which they bring and sell at the weekly Farmers Market in Granville.

This place is a unique environment that offers students the chance to break away from the mainstream stress of society, learn to be self-sustainable and live in an environmentally focused community.