I read the article that was published this past week in The Denisonian, “Bridging the Racial Divide,” and I find myself troubled and confused by it.

Simply put, I don’t quite understand the point of it. The title was “Bridging the Racial Divide,” implying that the article would offer some kind of solution for bridging a divide that so clearly exists on this campus. However, the writer simply explained an incident that happened to a student who was “marginalized by our community and has transformed our campus.”

Earlier in the article, the writer called to attention how he doesn’t have any black friends, but did not follow up with any plan of action about this, nor did he go into the implications of having a homogenous group of friends in life or, specifically, on a campus such as Denison.

In short, I am writing this letter because the article intrigued me. What, other than interviewing ONE black male on campus about his experience, is the writer doing about “bridging the racial divide?” Was this simply an exposé about racial incidents on campus, or was this a call for students to make a change?

-Maya Zeigler ‘15