If you thought the government shutdown didn’t affect us just because we’re in college, you’re dead wrong.

One Denison student posted on Facebook that she got an email saying that she might not recieve her G.I. Bill for school because of the shutdown.

Need to write a report for class, and want to use a government website as a source? Good luck, because most of them are shut down with error messages.

And don’t forget about those of us who have family members who work for the federal government and might be one of the furloughed workers.

As a country, how did we get to this point? Our eighteenth government shutdown in 27 years?

Does the Republican party really think that shutting down the government is going to help their case when it comes to their opposition to the Affordable Care Act? Does the Democratic Party really think that Americans are going to continue to accept the excuse that the right wing just won’t cooperate?

Everyone needs to grow up in this situation. The worst part? Our “representatives” are still getting paid.