Last Friday, Adam Weinberg was officially inaugurated as Denison’s 20th president, and we here at The Denisonian want to congratulate him. The student body is excited for this new leadership and what it means for the Denison community.

President Weinberg has already recieved rave reviews from students. His youth, passion and excitement, and as one student puts it, “a genuine human being.”

The ceremony itself was beautiful with faculty, staff, and the student body filled up Reese-Shackelford Commons on a sunny afternoon.

The picture perfect “Kodak moment” was seeing three former Denison presidents – Dale T. Knobel, Michelle Myers, and Andrew De Rocco—being honored before inaugurating their successor. All three made a sustainable impact to campus, and we are confident that President Weinberg will accomplish the same.

Finally, the Inaugural Ball was beautiful and impressively planned and executed. The moments are rare that students, staff, and faculty can interact socially on such a wide scale.

President Weinberg, we are proud to have you as our president and have utmost confidence that you will help Denison reach the highest level possible.