Three fraternities were suspended last year pending investigation by the administration for violating the Student Code of Conduct. Of those, only Kappa Sigma were found innocent. Sigma Phi Epsilon was removed from campus until 2018, and Sigma Chi was placed on disciplinary probation until this spring.

We’ve just learned that Kappa Sigma is under investigation — again — for violating the Student Code of Conduct with regard to hazing allegations.

Some might say this is unfair. Some fraternity men might claim that the administration’s definition of hazing is too strict; that any mandatory bonding activity for an incoming pledge class can be construed in a negative light.

It is fair that they also involve the national fraternity in the investigation process, but it is also important for the administration to be as transparent as possible. What reasons are there that the university should not release the conclusions of investigations? We can understand why the national chapter of any Greek organization wouldn’t – they have no obligation to any of their members. But the administration here has an obligation to their students, not the other way around.

We deserve to know what is happening on our campus, and how it affects the student body. The administration claims to want to work in tandem with students on how to improve campus culture, so why not show us exactly what a part of campus culture looks like? If any student organization, Greek or not is partaking in behavior that is against our campus values, we have to know about it.