This past weekend, students may have noticed a new publication circulating across campus. After months of careful planning, The Juicebox has finally hit the stands.

According to its Facebook group, the purpose of The Juicebox is to create “an open platform for students to publish artwork, fiction, opinions, essays, music reviews, etc.” In essence, The Juicebox is another alternative to other student publications, such as The Denisonian, The Bullsheet and Exile.

The Juicebox hopes to publish a new magazine every month.

The idea of bringing a new student-run publication to campus came from senior Nick Holland and past Denison student, Chris Hardiman. Holland said, “we had been talking last semester about how we wished there was a Denison publication that showcased students’ work and opinions in an approachable way.”

Holland also said that The Juicebox intends to accept multiple different types of artistic expressions. He doesn’t want student to feel that their work is “too strange or for our consideration—any submission that meets [their] standard publishable, magazine-quality work will be included.”

Whether it is prose, poetry, satire, artwork, journalism, opinion pieces, or whatever else a student finds important, The Juicebox wants to assure students that they will have a place to go to publish their work.

They do, however, have some criteria. Holland said that they will only accept pieces that “are well-written and edited by the time [they] go to print, submissions must not be offensive or motivated by an attack on any group, and written submissions can be a maximum of 2,500 words.”

If anyone is seeking to submit something to The Juicebox, they should join The Juicebox Facebook page and/or contact Nick Holland, Param Ajemera and anyone else on The Juicebox staff.