Here on The Hill, we like to make things uniquely our own. To commemorate the life of the beloved Civil Rights activist and leader, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., we extend what typically is a daylong event into a weeklong celebration.

This year’s theme was “Call and Response: The Call of King’s DREAM and Denison’s Response of HOPE.” It is intended to be “A Community Celebration,” and highly encourages students to become involved. For many, MLK Day is one to put aside homework, and sleep in. This year, MLK Day marked the first day of classes of the Spring Semester.

The multiple service groups that volunteered this weekend are an example of how this special week caters to diverse student interests. The celebration provides the space for students to momentarily turn their attention away from academics; we are able to think beyond our time here, and think to the future. For example, how will we shape the future of technology, social activism, and education?

As the semester progresses, we, the staff of the Denisonian, charge our readers and peers to keep the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. in mind, not allowing it to become a nice yet distant thought. Change up the routine.

Take a moment and reflect on what you can bring to the table. Is it the experience of living abroad? Skills you learned during an internship? Or expertise leading a student organization? We’ve heard the call of Dr. King’s dream—now how will we respond?

Whatever your unique skillset is, use it to help our collective visions become a reality. As Rev. King said, “we may have all come on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.” Both today, and in the future as Denison alumni, it is and will be our responsibility to uplift one another, both professionally and personally. We arrive as strangers, become better versions of ourselves, and will leave as friends with an incredible shared experience.

Our profound and insightful visions for the change we would like to see are applicable not only to this fair college on the hill, but also in our native communities around the world.

Staff Editorial – The Denisonian staff