The day this newspaper goes to print will also see one of the more contentious days in Denison politics.

For the first time in a long while, the Denison Finance has decided to pursue a policy of greater fiscal leeway.  In fact, the stated goal of the DCGA apparatus is to spend a maximum of 500,000 dollars on any combination of five  proposals – all of which were pre-cleared by the Finance Committee.

Although Emily Shane’s assiduously researched article regarding the finance procedure delves into more detail, we at The Denisonian are of the belief that civility and decorum must be maintained throughout what could potentially prove to be a rancorous process.

After all, this is not an everyday happening.  With such a massive amount of money being considered, it is only natural that a plethora of ideas are put forward by men and women of all stripes – none of whom diverge from a desire to act in this college’s common good.

With that in mind, we as a student body ought to think twice before impugning the integrity of people whose loyalties to a given proposal differ from our own.  Hear each others cases out, certainly.  Listen to each other.  Chew on the mental cud.  But trust that each and every person who took the time to do this came to his or her conclusion without malicious intent.

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