At the close of one of the most positive weeks of the school year, Denison students go forward with an unique understanding of beauty and acceptance. Naked week offers an opportunity unlike any other to fully integrate the understanding that perfection is ultimately a subjective word into daily life: a collaborative streaking. The methods are unorthodox, but the results are outstanding.

For one glorious week, students can forget about how they do (or more accurately do not) measure up to the beauty kings and queens of the world and celebrate who they are and how they look. In the face of the constant cultural bombardment of ridiculously high standards, impossible body proportions and taglines endorsing skinny as the new sexy, normality and beauty in natural variation finally have the chance to take center stage.

In the wake of a year with record-setting Naked Week participation, the future for social acceptance at Denison looks brighter than ever, as students collectively take the first step to loving themselves—all of themselves—simply by exposing the social paradigm of “never good enough” for the farce it is.

Who knew shedding a few layers of clothing was the cure for negativity?

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