By Rachel Mobie

Special to The Denisonian

As the snow falls and the cold Ohio weather continues to drag us down, the Sustainability Fellows here at Denison are always thinking in the ‘green’ mindset.  The Sustainability Fellows are constantly working on various projects to keep our campus and community eco-friendly.

Ludwig Icevski ’15 highlights some of the macro-level projects that they are working on.  He notes that along with projects such as Party with Consent, which urges social sustainability on campus, the Fellows engage in the I <3 Granville campaign to promote environmental sustainability in the Granville community.

Across campus, there is not a lot of support for the environmental groups on campus.  The Sustainability Fellows are trying to support collaboration between the various groups, along with instituting lasting relationships with the school (such as the food service provider, Bon Appetit).

Fellow Francesca Gentile ’16 filled us in on some facts about Denison’s sustainability, “Many Denison students aren’t aware of the behind-the-scenes sustainability in our dining halls.  In fact, all leftover food in Huffman gets taken to shelters, and every Friday, local farmers visit the dining halls to talk to and inform students.”

Along with the current projects that they are working on, the Fellows are starting to plan campus-wide events for Earth Week, which is April 17-27.  This is a very important week for the Sustainability Fellows, who hope it will be a fun week of conservation and environmental awareness.

Looking for ways to be more sustainable in your everyday lives on the Hill? Both Ludwig and Francesca emphasized that just by cutting shower times by a couple minutes each day, you will drastically save water, and by taking the stairs over the elevator, massive amounts of energy are conserved.

By simply making small changes, you can both conserve the Earth’s resources and support the Sustainability Fellows, a very prominent group of powerful students on campus.

Photo courtesy of Nelson Dow ’16