Emily Bongiovanni

Special to the Denisonian

The Denison Museum welcomed a new temporary exhibition entitled the “Green Revolution” last Thursday, which combined  artwork by members of the Denison community with a traveling Smithsonian exhibit.

The Green Revolution exhibition is one part of the larger program: the Green Revolution Licking County. This is a year-long green initiative, ending in August 2014, that provides educational activities in which locals can positively impact their community.

In this exhibition, art is used as a medium to confront various environmental issues, from recycling to sustainability. Drew Jepson, ‘16, a student intern at the Denison Museum, noted how Green Revolution differs from previous exhibitions at the museum.

She said, “It asks us to evaluate our own choices within the environment and hits closer to home for most, in comparison to a strictly fine arts exhibit.”

Unlike most Denison Museum exhibitions, the Green Revolution exhibition was started right here on The Hill and is the result of the hard work of participants coming from various campus departments and organizations.

Marisa Zemesarajs, a student worker at the museum, said that developing this exhibition from scratch changed the atmosphere of the display.

She said, “Aside from painting the walls, we’ve created the entire look of the exhibit, and as a result, we’ve also helped to create the narrative. We’ve even created some of the pieces.” She continued, “As a result, I think it’s safe to say that we are all more connected to the show and are really proud of the result.”

Attendees of the opening reception said it was a successful event that was well attended by members of both the Denison local Granville communities who came to show their support. Aside from the art, there was food, drinks and live music to entertain guests.

Guests mingled among each other, the artists, and staff, leaving museum workers extremely pleased with the event. Jepson said that this was their most popular opening in years and the staff received great feedback on the exhibition and reception. Monomoy Place was also opened to guests interested in seeing their President’s selection of the Denison Museum art collection he has on display.

Green Revolution will be on display at the Denison Museum until May 17.

Photo courtesy of Derek Finney