Rachel Mabie

Special to the Denisonian

SO MANY OF the wonderful facilities and amenities at Denison we owe to our alumni. From the weights we lift in Mitchell to the white boards we write on in Burton Morgan, these were funded by Denisonians – people like us, who, over the past years have walked across A-Quad.

If you didn’t know about the level of alumni involvement at Denison, well, there’s a way to start learning.  1831 Society is an organization on campus that is seeking to inform students of the strong relationship between past and present students. It is a student-run group that works with the Annual Fund as the liaison between students, faculty, and alumni.  The Annual Fund seeks generous donations from Denison alumni, faculty, and other contributors.

Since Denison tuition only covers roughly two-thirds of the Denison Student’s experience, the Annual Fund has played a critical role in keeping Denison strong throughout the years.  1831 Society’s faculty sponsor, Ned Huneke, a development officer from the Fund, attempts to keep 1831 Society’s events as relevant to Denison students as possible so they are informed about the enormous part that faculty and alumni take in making Denison what it is today.

If you missed 1831 Society’s first semester event, here’s a recap to help you get excited for the big event this coming April.  1831 Society member Maggie Iglar ‘16 elaborated on the Halloween Trick or Treating event that took place in Burton Morgon.  Throughout the completely donated building, Maggie said that “members of our club talked to students that were participating in the event, informing them on the different administrative offices in the building, all the while giving out fun treats.”

1831 Society’s number one goal is student awareness.  President Kelsey Kolisek ‘16 emphasized, “It is important that students are aware of all the gifts that are given to Denison.  Awareness is so important because the facilities that we use and the scholarships that are given would not be possible if it weren’t for the Annual Fund.”

With the school year winding down, the club is gearing up for their largest event of the year.  “Think Big Red, Thank Big Red” is a week-long event held in Slayter that gets students more involved with alumni, faculty, and the Annual Fund.  During this week, students can stop by and write a thank you letter to a donator to Denison, play Denison trivia, and learn a little more about the Annual Fund.  Participants in the event will receive fun prizes for getting involved! “Think Big Red, Thank Big Red” will be the week of April 21st, so stay tuned for fun activities to come.