By Stephanie Arhin ’14

Lights up on a classroom set. Seth and Maria are sitting on top of a table. Maria presses a bag of ice against Seth’s eye but he quickly pushes his body away.

MARIA Come on Seth! If you don’t let me ice it then the swelling won’t go down!

SETH Then what?

Maria attempts to press the bag to his eye again. Seth pushes her away.

MARIA Dude, just let me ice this.

SETH Then what?

Superman enters the classroom and sits down in the back of the room. He struggles to adjust his cape.

MARIA Then your eye won’t swell anymore.

SETH Then what?

MARIA Then your face will clear up.

SETH Then what?

MARIA Then… then… your face will look better? Hotter even – yeah, definitely hotter.

Superman chuckles.

SETH Then what?!

MARIA Dammit… Come on, Seth.

SETH Then what Maria? Is the ice going to keep them from doing this to me again? Is this really going to stop me from feeling unsafe every time I walk down the hallway? What’s going to happen after this?

Maria sets the ice down on the table.

MARIA (softly) Look, I know this is hard but –

SETH You really don’t have a clue.

Seth stands up and walks away from the table.

SETH How could you? (pause) You’re normal.

MARIA Hardly.

SETH People won’t beat you up because you’re straight.

MARIA Look, I know –

SETH – you fit into this school perfectly.

MARIA No one fits into high school perfectly.

SUPERMAN She’s right about that, Seth.

Superman nods, stroking his chin.

Maria and Seth begin to back up.

MARIA Who are you? Why the hell are you dressed in tights?

SETH Our principal has a taser!

SUPERMAN Oh dear, I probably should’ve introduced myself earlier…

Superman stands up with his legs apart and bunches his fists to his hips.

SUPERMAN Dun-da-daaa! I’m Superman!


Seth and Maria glance over at each other.

Superman beats them to the door and stands in front of it. 

SUPERMAN Stop! I just want to have a conversation.

MARIA Yeah right.

SUPERMAN About vigilante justice!

MARIA You’re a perv!

SUPERMAN Just listen to me-

SETH We’re calling the cops!

MARIA And our parents!

SETH And the principal with the taser!

SUPERMAN I know why those kids gave you a black eye, Seth! I know that you’re angry! (pause) You have every right to be angry about this…

He walks away from the door.

SUPERMAN I just want to talk to you. (pause) Is that okay?


SUPERMAN I’m… Superman.

Silence for a few long moments.

SETH I don’t believe you.

Seth walks over to a desk and sits down.

SETH Why should I believe you?

Maria sits beside Seth.

SUPERMAN I’m faster than a speeding bullet… more powerful than a locomotive…

MARIA What’s a locomotive?

SUPERMAN I have super strength and X-ray vision.


SUPERMAN And I saw what those jerks did to you.

SETH You saw it?

Superman nods.

SETH And you didn’t do anything?

SUPERMAN Seth, I tried…

SETH You watched as they pushed me to the ground and started yelling at me?

MARIA They did that?

SETH And then you saw me crying… (pause) You heard me begging them to stop!

MARIA I had no idea…

SETH And you just watched it?

SUPERMAN (Quietly) I’m sorry.

SETH You watched it and you didn’t even help me. (pause) No one helped me.

SUPERMAN I came here to apologize. I – I just feel horrible about what happened.

SETH You watched it.

SUPERMAN I am so sorry.

SETH You watched it and you stood there you sick, voyeuristic freak! (pause) You’re supposed to be a hero, you’re supposed to swoop in and make sure I’m safe. (pause) My parents can’t do that, my school definitely can’t, but you… that’s the only thing you have to do. (pause) Isn’t that your job?!

SUPERMAN I felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do!

Maria gets up and picks up the bag of ice on the table. The ice is melting.

SETH You’re supposed to help me!

MARIA It’s melting…

SUPERMAN I was paralyzed with shock – I had no idea people could be so horrible –

SETH Give me a break.

SUPERMAN I – I just stood there. (pause) I didn’t do anything.

MARIA You should’ve done something.

SUPERMAN I don’t expect you to forgive me, Seth. God, I am so sorry.

Superman begins to take off his cape.

SETH What are you doing?

SUPERMAN I’m not a hero, I’m not even close.

Superman begins to walk away.

SETH Where are you going?

Superman doesn’t turn around.

SUPERMAN I’m not sure yet.

He exits. Seth walks over to where Superman was standing and picks up his cape.

MARIA You should keep it.

SETH For what?

MARIA For yourelf. (Pause) Here.

Maria picks up the cape and ties it around Seth’s neck.

SETH So now I’m faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive?

MARIA Whatever that is. (pause) You’re all of it.

Seth touches the cape. 

MARIA …You’re Superman.

Lights fade out.