By Laura Carr

Sports Editor

The soft glow of the late Saturday afternoon sun shines across a table spread with a variety of aromatic dishes, both savory and sweet. Each dish looks just as delectable as the last. Stacks of naan, a soft, Indian bread reminiscent of pita bread, lie cradled in wrought silver baskets.

This is just a “taste” of the atmosphere at Taste of India, an inexpensive Indian restaurant situated along Hebron Road in Heath, Ohio. Although the exterior of the building is nondescript, the interior is the complete opposite.

Neatly arranged tables are placed throughout the restaurant’s hardwood floors, and an impressive bar lines the back, complete with a large flat screen television that plays sports on a constant loop.

The food and the restaurant staff are the most impressive part of the Taste of India experience. A small group of The Denisonian’s editors took a trip to the restaurant last Saturday.

Menu orders included a lemon rice dish, chicken tikka, dal tarka (yellow lentils) and baskets of naan. An of-age editor noted that the Taj Mahal beer that he ordered was “one of the smoothest lagers [he] has ever tasted.”

The restaurant staff also provided us with many different dishes, on the house. Their steady service assured that none of us would leave the restaurant hungry.

The quality and large amount of the foods served to us was comparable to considerably pricier Indian restaurants, although the bill for each of us was around $15 to $25, including tips.

A visit to Taste of India is well worth it. Not only is the food delicious, but the generosity of the service is positively sublime.