Gunshots shock OU Halloween party

The Post Ohio University’s annual “HallOUween” block party came to a haunting end as gunshots were fired in downtown Athens around 2:05 a.m. Sunday. Athens police found shells and the suspected handgun used. Authorities are unsure how the incident will affect future Halloween parties, for which OU is well-known.

House explodes in Newark fire

The Newark Advocate A couple living on Penbroke Road in Newark lost their home in a fire and ensuing explosion early Sunday morning. Firefighters believe a faulty gas line was to blame. The couple suffered minimal injuries, but their pet dog is believed to have perished in the blaze.


Two dead in Washington school shooting

The Seattle Times A teenage boy killed two, including himself, and injured four others at a high school shooting in the Seattle suburb of Marysville, Wash. on Friday. The freshman boy, a prominent member of the Tulalip Native American tribe, was allegedly angry about a romantic relationship. All four survivors are reported to be in critical or serious condition.

White House to reconsider ebola quarantine rules

USA Today The office of the President announced Sunday that it is reconsidering federal regulation on individuals returning to the United States from ebola-stricken areas in West Africa. The announcement is believed to be in response to governors in three states—Illinois, New Jersey, and New York—instituting strict quarantine on aid workers returning from these countries, even if devoid of symptoms. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, thinks that mandatory quarantines may discourage aid workers from traveling to West Africa.


Dilma Rousseff re-elected Brazil’s president

BBC Dilma Rousseff, the first female president of Brazil, was re-elected on Sunday by a narrow margin. The election had been heavily contested between Rousseff of the Worker’s Party, the centrist Aécio Neves da Cunha of the Social Democrats, and Marina Silva of the Socialist Party. None of the three candidates garnered a majority in the Oct. 5 general elections, forcing a runoff between Rousseff and Neves.

China launches moon flyby

CNN China launched an experimental spacecraft early Friday morning from its western Sichuan province. The unmanned ship is meant to circle the moon and return to earth next week. The mission will test the China National Space Administration’s technological capabilities as part of a program many believe will culminate with a manned lunar mission.