By Katy Barenholtz

News Editor

Like all communities, things happen that are out of the population’s control. Denison has created a way to inform the community of these incidents through an informative webpage called Campus Climate Watch.

Its purpose is to post information about incidents concerning sexual misconduct, bias incidents and other violent occurrences. The webpage keeps the school informed about the events affecting the overall climate.

The Campus Climate Team (CCT), comprised of a group of students, is advised by Dean of Students Bill Fox. The team has decided to make some changes to the page in order to convey these incidents more clearly to the community.

These changes include broadening the kind of information that is posted such as reports of vandalism, alcohol violations and alcohol transports. The team wants to notify the campus of these changes and give students and faculty the option to get email notifications as new postings are made of the most up to date incidents.

The campus incidents section, previously the main section of the page, still remains. It provides detailed explanations of past incidents and updates on the status of the cases.

Title IX investigator and former Director of Campus Safety Garret Moore believes that the more students are involved with this page, the more effective it will be.

“In order for the Denison community to continually improve its efforts in campus climate there needs to be benchmarks with which to measure effectiveness,” Moore said. “We welcome student input in how we can enhance community involvement in this effort.