By Lizbeth Bautista

Staff Writer

Outlook is an important presence on Denison’s campus. The purpose of this organization is to educate the campus on LGBTQA issues and to create a safe environment where students can come together and discuss their sexuality.

By bringing speakers in, and through constant dialogue, Outlook speaks about many of the issues that are still prevalent for the LGBTQA community. Outlook has collaborated with other organizations such as the BSU, La Fuerza Latina and Beta Theta Pi. They have also hosted several events such as Coming Out Week and the Drag Queen show, in addition to regular study tables.

Brian Allen ’17, president of Outlook, has kept Outlook strong throughout the years. “I think Outlook is a strong connection that people make during their time spent in Outlook,” he said. “It has not always been a student organization of many students, however, the students that were involved created friends for life in Outlook, and that matters. Another reason might be because Outlook creates a space for LGBTQ people in a way that is not academic but more social. Some students may feel more comfortable about discussing their identities with their peers rather than their professors.”

Even if Outlook may not consist of many members, it has managed to work together in a close-knit community with those who are involved in the organization.

“This group has grown enormously in terms of number of group members and in terms of visibility on campus,” said Amanda Peiffer ‘16, vice president of Outlook. “What I would like to see happen is beyond Outlook altogether; I would love to see the barriers that socially divide our Denison students dissolve so that all Denisonians could feel accepted at all times.”

Working to build a strong community and create a safe space is what Outlook has been aiming for and continues to strive for. Jeremy Torres ’18,  the public relations chair, has a clear vision for the Outlook community.

“Community building is highly important when it comes to presence,” Torres said. “I’d love for Outlook to continue what they are doing on campus, and that’s slowly building a community, but I heavily believe that the community is not the only thing. I find building friendships and connections a key element for Outlook as we keep moving forward. The way I picture this happening is creating more events on campus and doing collaborations with many other organizations that we never thought of before.”

For anyone interested in joining Outlook the meetings are held on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in the University Room on the fourth Floor of Slayter Hall.

Photo Courtesy of Nelson Dow