By Rachel Dyl

Staff Writer

Looking for a job or internship? Denison is utilizing the latest technology to help students find job opportunities and maximize their career research. The previous system, DU link, was a more traditional site where jobs and internships were posted in the format of a catalog. Brian Collingwood of the Career and Development Center explained, “It was not as innovative of a platform. Handshake involves pieces of common social media platforms such as Facebook.”

Every Denison student has access to his or her own personal Handshake account. Handshake is a modern, streamlined approach to career services that capitalizes on the social web; connecting you to opportunities and empowering you to build career plans.

The website allows students to input information regarding their job experiences, their interests, and their skills which are input into a database.

Based on your profile and the information you input, jobs, internships and opportunities will appear in your news feed much like things you “like” appear in your Facebook feed. Handshake is based on a three-tiered system. Employers have accounts and are very intentional in their use of Handshake.

Employers and businesses choose which colleges and schools have access to their specific job opportunities. These opportunities are then approved by the career center through their administrative accounts.

Handshake will then show students opportunities that they qualify for or would be interested in based on their student applicant accounts. For example, if a certain job requires a 3.5 GPA and you have a 3.2, that job will not show up on your feed.

On the other hand, if you are a computer science major interested in IT jobs, you can specify those interests and areas of study so related job opportunities will appear.

The Center for Career Exploration sends weekly e-mails with embedded links to opportunities via Handshake. Although many of us see these e-mails and hit delete, there are amazing opportunities being offered so make sure to take advantage of what Denison has to offer you in terms of programs, partnerships, and resources. Handshake prepares you for life after Denison, so it is important to keep it on your radar throughout your four years here.

The Career and Development center ideally would like to work with students every year that they are here. They can help facilitate discussions about job interests, graduate school, or even just where to start.

Reach out by e-mailing, calling 740-587-6656, or stopping by Burton Morgan 306 to make an appointment.

Photo Courtesy of Nelson Dow