By Kayla Marks

Staff Writer

Papa Johns is closed, Incredible Pizza says it’s going to take an hour to deliver, what are you going to do? Well good thing Uber Burger is coming to Granville because it’s going to be a new late night ordering option for Denison students.  Starting at the beginning of next month, a new restaurant will be opening.  Uber Burger is going to open up shop right above Whit’s, where Soup Loft used to be.

Owner, Clay Graham, has lots of exciting ideas for Uber Burger and can’t wait to get started.  In an interview with Graham, he said, “There will be burgers, fries, and a special burger of the week.” The special burger of the week will be a concoction that Graham will come up with. Graham said, “I’ve kind of perfected my burgers from trial and error.”  Graham indicated that he has been making burgers for a long time, and it is something that he is passionate about.  Graham decided to name his restaurant Uber Burger because it indicates how awesome his burgers are.

At this moment there won’t be any type of student discount, but their might be in the future.  When asked about what type of restaurant Uber Burger is going to be, Graham said, “Mostly take-out and delivery.” The delivery aspect of the restaurant will be perfect for Denison students since there are a very limited amount of restaurants that do deliver in town.

Graham is going to have his hours be from 11 AM to 11 PM, but plans on extending its closing time to 2 AM.  Perfect for those late night cravings all students can understand.