By Alex Caprara

Assistant Photo Editor

The sky was slightly cloudy and the air was chilly, but that did not stop the members of Lambda Chi Alpha from putting on their second annual philanthropy event, the Fall Bash.

The fraternity had multiple events, both on and off-campus, for the purpose of donating both money and food to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank is a member of Feeding America, and it is currently working with over 650 partners from across 20 counties in the mid-Ohio region. Statistics from their website show that they help serve Ohioans over a staggering 121,625 meals per day.

“Donations came in throughout the week” said Will Lull ‘17, philanthropy chair of Lambda Chi Alpha. “We held a food drive at Ross’s IGA, an event at Moe’s BBQ in town and another food drive in the center of Granville.”

Denison students were encouraged to participate in these fundraisers, as well as the Granville residents. According to Lull, the fraternity also invited professors and their departments to get in on the action and donate to help the cause.

While these off-campus events helped to further their philanthropic cause, their main on-campus event was the second annual Fall Bash.

It took place at the Bandersnatch on Friday night from 4p.m.-8p.m. The event was highlighted by a dinner of pizza along with other snacks and refreshments, an astoundingly popular and challenging mechanical bull and was finished off with performances by Denison rappers Joey Aich and Rob “Sarob” Tate.

The event attracted over 80 Denison students, and prompted over 100 students to donate to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

The atmosphere was laid-back and fun, with students chowing down on food, watching their friends wipe out on the mechanical bull and taking in the sounds of pop and hip-hop hits blaring from the Bandersnatch PA system.

The event was not just catered to non-affiliated students. Members of other fraternities and sororities also attended Fall Bash, making it a truly campus-wide event for students of all classes.

The stage has been set for next year’s Fall Bash, creating a new standard for the event.

In total, Lull believes that the event went well and that students had a great time.

“We feel that this was an overall successful event,” Lull said. “Joey and Sarob had an outstanding performance even though the audience had dwindled a little before their performance. We’re so incredibly thankful to have two incredible performers take the stage to support our cause.”

Photo Courtesy of Alex Caprara