By Mat Scott

Assistant News Editor

Juniors and seniors got their first experiences with the new class registration system when registering for their spring semester classes. The new system changes the registration times for the first and second tickets.

Class registration runs on a two-round cycle. Students are assigned two “tickets” to register for classes. For example, one ticket is open during the 8 p.m hour, and the second is open during the 9 p.m. hour.

“There was a formal proposal from DCGA to change the order during web registration,” Registrar Yadi Collins said. “What I wanted to make sure when two students came to me and met with me to run this proposal by me first was that the student body was behind it. I needed to make sure it wasn’t just a few students from DCGA who wanted this to happen.”

Under the previous system, students who were assigned the 8 p.m. window for their first ticket received the 9 p.m. window for their second; 8:15 got 9:15 and 8:30 got 9:30.

Therefore, the students who were assigned the third window had to sift through what classes remained after the first two windows registered.

The new system changes the order so that students who receive the first window in their first ticket do not receive the first slot in the second ticket. Those students who receive the 8 p.m. opening in the first ticket now receive the 9:30 opening in the second ticket. Students who are assigned the 8:15 session get 9:15, and 8:30 gets 9 p.m.

“My only concern was that the old system was exactly an hour between the first and second tickets,” said Collins. “I don’t want students to miss the opportunity to start earlier if they didn’t look it up. So far, we have not heard from any students who totally missed it.”
Imani Abernathy ‘16 said, “The new system is better because people who get the last time slot get the opportunity to go first. It always sucks when you have the same session only an hour apart.”

“I thought it worked pretty well,” Lizzy Pellicane ‘16 said. “It was the first semester I got all the classes I wanted, so I was happy.”

“I do not know of any plans to revert back to where we were before,” Collins said.

Juniors and seniors have already registered for spring semester classes. Sophomores register today, and first-years register on Nov. 17.