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Most student-athletes on Denison’s campus pride themselves on their ability to juggle the commitments of practice, class and the occasional extracurricular event without breaking down in tears on a daily basis.

But when you’re Luke Romick ‘16, taking on countless activities and commitments is a way of life. The communication and environmental studies double major from Dayton, Ohio (and two-sport athlete) thrives on his countless leadership roles across campus.

From his presidency in Denison’s Student-Athlete Advisory Council (DSAAC) to his efforts in bringing the nationally recognized campaign “The Thirst Project” to campus, Romick has blazed a respected trail of integrity and passion in his four years at Denison.

Friends, teammates and peers will agree that Romick has a special character and attitude that will take him far in life.

Andrew Baird ‘17 said that “[Romick] is an impressive leader and role model at Denison, and his accomplishments and bright future is a simple product of it. He provides any possible help, insight, or anything it may be, when the team or others are in need.”

Just a few weeks ago, he was recognized on national television as a member of the 2015 Allstate Good Works Team, an award deemed as “one of college football’s most prestigious off-the-field honors.”  Romick and twenty-one other NCAA football players were honored at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans for their character, leadership and academic standing.

For the Big Red linebacker, who played in every one of Denison’s forty  games during his time at the University, “The Thirst Project” was the main driving force behind the Good Works honor. “The Thirst Project” is a growing company that started in 2007 that aims to provide clean drinking water to developing countries.

Romick’s involvement with the Los Angeles-based campaign began after the company’s CEO, Seth Maxwell, spoke at his alma mater, Lebanon High School, four years ago.

Persistence and relentless “tweeting” at Maxwell led to Romick’s summer internship with “The Thirst Project,” where he helped raise an incredible $300,000 while overseeing the company’s summer gala. The money went directly to the construction of wells in developing countries, and Romick attributes his successful management of this project to his past experience with teams and many leadership roles. 

Romick also represented both Denison and the North Coast Athletic Conference at the NCAA Convention in San Antonio during winter break.

Though he works for the community on a daily basis, he does not over commit. As Lexie Churan ‘17 comments, “he still finds time to support family, friends, and important causes – and at a moment’s notice.”

And did I mention he has pretty great hair?