Kevin Herman
Special to The Denisonian

Fluffer is headlining with a collaborative show between 91.1 WDUB and the Bandersnatch with Ann Arbor artist, Jacob Sigman, opening on Saturday, February 27th at 10:00 PM.

Fluffer is originally from Bloomington, Indiana and is now based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The band has perfected their live shows through playing over 160 shows and touring extensively along throughout the eastern and southern United States. The continual touring and playing out is a credit to their live performance, which is famous for turning any of their shows into a wild dance party that gets the crowd grooving to their funky tunes.

Fluffer’s music defies categorization into any particular musical genre, but their sound pushes the boundaries sonically into territories of hip-hop, math-rock, trap, and psychedelic music. A dynamic band, Fluffer’s music is a credit to the band’s insane creativity that is not content with just being some other party rock band. Although difficult to quantify such a unique and creative band, comparison can be drawn to that of other boundary pushing artists, such as, Tame Impala, Deerhoof, Battles, and Chromeo. The influence of electronic music merged into such as hard rocking band shows their commitment to expanding their sound with each of their releases.

One of the striking aspects of Fluffer is their overall Do-It-Yourself attitude. Not confined to the limits of a record-label, Fluffer has self-recorded their EPs, OwlPatDan and Crusader/Destroyer, and their full-length album, Skopski. In addition, Fluffer self-produced their newly released music video, Monolith, for their upcoming second self-titled full-length that will be out in early 2016. The DIY attitude has allowed Fluffer creative freedom in their music, videos, and even website,, which only gives them more credit for truly pushing themselves a band with each release of new material.

Some notable tracks from Fluffer are their brand new tracks, “Panda” and “Monolith”, which will be on the their new self-titled full-length album. You can listen to them on their soundcloud. Fluffer’s discography is on bandcamp, Itunes, soundcloud, and their website.

Make sure to come out to the Bandersnatch on Saturday, February 27th to see another night of great music.