Arts & Life Editor

This past week, Denison’s Asian American Association hosted their third annual Asian American Association Week, gathering the public to learn and celebrate Asian American culture through fun, interactive activities.

Monday, Feb. 1, 2016, the Asian American Association tabled a jeopardy game surrounding topics about the Asian American Association on campus, Asian American culture and other questions.  Additionally, they screened a film called “Spirited Away” later that night.

Later in the week, on Wednesday, there was a charity volleyball tournament in the Mitchell Center, which raised money to aid the Northeast Ohio Asian Woman’s Leadership Initiative an organization that orks to stop domestic violence in the northeast region against Asian American women.

They hosted Taste of Asia on Thursday in Knobel Hall, serving a variety of dishes from multiple Asian countries.  The food was sprawled out across two long tables, friendly faces from the Asian American Association dishing hearty helpings onto large trays.

When asked about how AAA week was different this year, Theo Tran ’18 said, “The food is better, more organized,” as shown by the delicious spread of food and variety that were served that night.

Though Imani Abernathy ’16 had not been to other AAA week events, she said that in addition to eating a hearty meal and coming to support her friends, “It’s great the amount of diversity in the room.”

Khadijah Muhammad ’18 agreed, saying, “I’ve been to meetings in the past.  I support a lot of my friends.  I helped them ref last year [at the volleyball game].  I think everyone should come to this event.”

Christina Hsu ’16 thought that this year’s AAA week was a success.  “We definitely have made AAA week much bigger in terms of having more events each year,” Hsu said.  “This is our huge project of the year, and it is to make sure we are further recognized as AAA on campus.”

While there were many exciting events, Hsu said her favorite part was “meeting new people who have never heard of AAA or have little knowledge of us. This week allows us to introduce ourselves and inform the general body what we do as an organization.”

The week’s events are only a fraction of what AAA does, and they plan on hosting more events to get the Denison community involved. Hsu said, “AAA is collaborating with Chi Sigma Tau and Doobie this spring for Doobiepoolza and we are very excited for this collaboration…artist will be announced later this semester.”