News Editor

A resolution sponsored by DCGA Policy Chair Steven Hix ‘16 which could move the pickup location of office keys for student organizations from the Office of Facility Services to Campus Safety passed unanimously in the senate.

With the current system, organization executives must go down to the Physical Plant to pick up the keys to their organization’s office once keys have been commissioned. This resolution would recommend that “[facility services] transfer possession of keys for student organization offices to the Office of Campus Safety as soon as possible at each point when they receive them,” thereby eliminating the need to hike to the Physical Plant to gain office access.

“It’s really not a blockbuster policy,” Hix said, “but it’s one of those small, important changes that can make the campus better one incremental step at a time…nothing crazy, but hopefully something that improves the lives of students.”

Organizations affected by the resolution would include any group with designated campus office space, including The Doobie, The Denisonian and The Bullsheet, BSU, SHARE and others.

Teddy Jones ‘16, managing editor for The Bullsheet, said, “It will make student’s lives much easier. People at Denison are chronically over-involved, so not having the time to get down to the Physical Plant to pick up keys is a chronic problem.”

The Bullsheet brought on two new editors and three writers this semester, in addition to one student back from abroad, all of whom will eventually require keys to the office.

While the policy has been approved in DCGA Senate, it is not yet implemented on campus.

Resolutions are typically discussed for upwards of ten minutes, with question-and-answer after. This resolution was passed far more quickly than normal.

“Any resolution that passes is passed simply as a recommendation to various administrative departments within the college,” Hix said. “This Particular policy has been passed along to Facilities Services and Campus Safety with the hopes that they will be able to take advantage of the significant input moving forward.”