At its core, Denison is a community with a ‘firm belief in human dignity and compassion’ in which we respect one another, regardless of our identities.  We celebrate diversity as a strength from which we grow and learn from one another. We are alarmed at the rising tide of Islamophobia, the attacks upon Muslims and the vandalism of their institutions. We acknowledge the position in which Muslims have been put as a result of the climate globally and now in the national(istic) rhetoric.  We recognize the members of the Muslim community among the students, staff and faculty here at Denison and the challenges that they face at this time.  They are we and we are they.   We condemn the exploitation of recent events to foster hateful rhetoric and to suggest the adoption of racist policies. We stand as one community against xenophobic blame-mongering.  We vow to stand up against Islamophobia wherever it occurs, to take appropriate measures against hateful and discriminatory speech or actions, and to work towards an inclusive world that fosters peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Alison Williams,  Associate Provost for Diversity and Intercultural Education

Mark R. Orten, Director and Chaplain, The Open House:  Center for Religious and Spiritual Life

Sasha Griffin, University Archivist & Special Collections Librarian

Zarrina Juraqulova, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Xiao Jiang, Assistant Professor of Economics

Charles St-Georges, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Melissa Huerta, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Andrew McCall, Associate Professor of Biology

Melissa Madera, Laura C. Harris Fellow, Women’s & Gender Studies

Isis Nusair, Associate Professor of International Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies

Veerendra P. Lele, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, and International Studies

Sangeet Kumar, Assistant Professor, Communication Department

Catalina Hunt, Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Catherine Stuer, Assistant Professor of Art History

Mballo Ramatoulaye,  French Teaching Assistant

Karen Powell Sears, Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Micaela Vivero, Associate Professor of Studio Art

Erik S. Farley, Associate Dean of Students and Director, Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement

Margot Singer, Associate Professor of English and Associate Director, Gilpatrick Center for Student Research and Fellowships

Lauren Araiza, Associate Professor of History

Jack Shuler, John and Christine Warner Professor, Associate Professor of English

Laura Russell, Assistant Professor, Communication

Ashwin Lall, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Cheryl McFarren, Associate Professor of Theatre

Anita Waters, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Madina Khudaynazar, Freshman, Muslim Student Association Member, International Studies Major

Claire Cappelle, Junior, Biology Major and Sociology and Anthropology Minor

Jennifer Kristal, Senior, English and Communication Major, Studio Art minor

Rachel Abbott, Freshman, Psychology Major, Vocal Performance Minor

Khenrub Wangchuk, Sophomore, International Studies Major, Environmental Studies Minor

Shao-yun Yang, Assistant Professor of History

Olivia Aguilar, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Emily Cantrell ‘17, Human & Societal Development Major, Outlook Outreach & Advocacy Coordinator, Resident Assistant

Chi Nguyen’17, Economics & Psychology Double Major

Jesse Schlotterbeck, Assistant Professor, Cinema

Radhika Joshi, Sophomore, International Studies Major, Spanish and Political Science Minor

Alina Haliliuc, Assistant Professor, Communication

Mihika Agarwal ‘17

Ryan Liedke ‘16, Physics Major, Outdoors Club VP, Homesteader

Phoebe Thatcher ‘16, Bio/Creative Writing Major, Burpee, Homesteader

Yareli Sandoval ‘16, International Studies Double Major in Spanish, Concentration in LACS,

Sam Wallace ‘16, Environmental Studies Major with a concentration and Minor in Geosciences, Homesteader

Steven Vogel, Professor of Philosophy

Sarah Anstaett, Economics and Political Science Major, Resident Assistant, DCGA Senator

Gabriele Dillmann, Modern Languages – German – Thank you for doing this!!!!

Pedro J Torres, Consortium for faculty Diversity Fellow / Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Twisha Asher, ‘17, Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics Major, Leadership Fellow, Homesteader

Emma Kopp ‘18, Undeclared

Yangsun Kim ’16 International Studies and Political Science Major, Spanish Minor

Gabriella Koussa ‘18, Biology Major/Pre-Dental Concentration

Jess McDaniel ‘18, Geoscience Major

Christine Pae, Associate Professor, Religion

Maria Hollobaugh, ‘18, Psychology and Theatre double major

Emma Gamble, ‘17, International Studies & Education double major, Arabic learner

Maria Mancini, ‘16, Biochemistry major

Farhan Zaki ‘18, Computer Science Major.

Ash Egloff ‘18, Studio Art Major

Cassandra Fleming, ‘19 Communication Major, English Minor (w/creative writing concentration)

Makynzie Horvath, ‘18 Sociology/Anthropology and Women & Gender Studies Double Major

Evan Woodnorth, ‘16, German and International Studies Double Major, V.P. of Denison Film Society

Jasdeep Singh Khaira, ‘18 Environmental Studies Major

Margarita Uriostegui, ‘18, International Studies & Spanish Double Major with a LACS concentration

Bronwen Espen, ‘18, International Studies and Spanish Double Major with a LACS concentration

Mallika Kapur, International Studies & Communication Major, Public Relations, Denison International Student Association; Student Assistant, Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement

Russell “Rusty” Shekha. Sociology/Anthropology

Mary Tuominen, Professor Emerita, Sociology/Anthropology Department

Jorge Reynoso, Resident Assistant: Biology Major, French Minor; ‘18.

Alivia Tacheny, ‘18, Mathematics and Computer Science Double Major, Treasurer of Gaming Guild‘

Naomi Morgan ‘17, Geo/History Major, Homesteader

Fumika Miyamoto ‘18, International Studies major, Denison Dining committee, co-chair.

Allison Lopez, ‘18, Sociology/Anthropology major, Women and Gender Studies minor

Alex Woroncow, ‘16, Biology Major, Denison Independent Theatre Association Treasurer

Jeremy Torres, ‘18, Political Science Major & Queer Studies concentration, Outlook Public Relations

Isabel Randolph, ‘16, English major, French minor,

Fadhel Kaboub, Associate Professor of Economics

Barbara Fultner, Professor of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies

Jonathan Maskit, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Manvi Jalan ‘18 , Communications & Creative Writing, Denison International Student Body, RA

Alex Tybl ‘16, Math Major, Economics and Music Performance Double-Minor, Homesteader

Kimberly Specht, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Heather Rhodes, Associate Professor of Biology

Taku Suzuki, Associate Professor of International Studies

Jenny Pearlman, Executive Assistant, Office of Student Development

Kimberly West, Program Coordinator, The Open House – Center for Religious and Spiritual Life

Sandy Runzo, Associate Professor of English

Molly Thurlow-Collen, Associate Dir. Health Services

Malorie Eisenbrei ‘17, History Major, German and Philosophy Minor

Dan Gibson, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Sanda Gibson, MA, PCC-s, Counselor, Whisler Center for Student Wellness

Hannah Goldman, ‘17, Women’s and Gender Studies, English, and Queer Studies. Denison Religious Understanding interfaith dialogue groupe.

Nancy Gibson, Sr. Associate Director of Admissions & Director of Multi-Ethnic Admissions

Ayana Hinton, Assistant Professor of Biology

Megan Threlkeld, Associate Professor of History

Sue Davis, Director Off-Campus Study and Associate Professor of Political Science

Hannah R. Meyer, ‘15, Political Science and Arabic Language, Off-Campus Study Office Assistant Of  e and

Jane Dougan, Assistant in the Provost’s office

Roger Kosson, Social Sciences Librarian

Wes Walter, Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Sara Hartsock ‘18, Women and Gender Studies, Political Science Double Major

Marlaine Browning, Interim Asst. Dir. Writing Center and Visiting Asst. Prof.

Susan Kosling, Provost’s Office

Hanada Al-Masri, Assistant Professor of Arabic, Modern Languages

Sophia Higginbottom, 2017, International Studies and Studio Art double major w/ Theater minor

Marci McCaulay, Director, Center for Women and Gender Action

Hannah Doermann, 2016, English Literature & Spanish major, QS concentration

Matt Hughes, AAA, Department of Religion

Sruthi Viswanathan, ‘18, Biology Major & Neuroscience Concentration, DRU

Sheilah Wilson, Assistant Professor Studio Art

Honore Lachenauer, ‘17, Psychology major and Resident Assistant

S.K. Piper, Sustainability Manager for Denison Dining

Charlotte King ‘17, Biology and Environmental Studies Major, WDUB executive board

Jim Pletcher, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

David Allen ‘16, Mathematics Major

Dylan Weinand ‘16, Black Studies Major

Sophia Rodriguez ‘18, Geosciences Major and Philosophy Minor

Robyn Fong ‘17, Biology Major, Chemistry minor

Cheryl A. Johnson, Instructional Technologist

Brant B Bowers, Senior Physics Major

Ayano Miyagi, ‘18, English Lit major, French minor, Resident Assistant

Christopher Perry ‘16, German major, English and Performance double minor

Earl K. M. Harris “69

Eileen Baer ‘16, English Literature and Educational Studies double major

Casey Long ‘17, Music Composition major, Outlook FYRE Coordinator

Fatoumata Kaba ‘19 Biology major with a French minor

Trang Trinh ‘18, Psychology Major and French Minor

Emily Henson, Program Coordinator for the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement

Maria Magdalena Hernandez ‘16 Educational Studies Major, Sociology/Anthropology Minor

Al Dilorenzo ‘19 Studio Art and Biology Major

Fernando Magana ‘17, Economics and Political Science double major

Nelson Dow ‘16, Environmental Studies major, Sociology/Anthropology minor

Anissa Gamboa ‘17, Communication Major, Economics and Studio Art Minor

Justin DeMarchi ‘16 Communication Major, Sociology/Anthropology Minor

Simran Ali ‘19 Computer Science Major, Spanish Minor

Maria Trixie Cortes ‘18 Sociology/Anthropology and Arts (Studio) Major

Audrey Smith ‘18 Psychology/ CLassics Double Major, DCAC President

Ridhim Seth ‘17 Economics/ Political Science Major

Quintana Gest ‘19 Education Major

Nathaniel Edds ‘18 Education and Psychology Major, Philosophy Minor, OUTLOOK CD

Erin Katalinic ‘16 Psychology Major, Women’s and Gender Studies minor, Denison Feminists and SHARE

Annabel Edwards, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

James Le’17, Computer Science and Communication Major

Jake Dennie ‘17, Economics major, Beta Theta Pi 1775, Cross Country and Track runner

Sarah Rundell, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Maddy Bellman, ‘18 Economics and Creative Writing Double Major, DITA Officer

Gabriella Caldwell, ‘19 Black Studies Major, Vice President of the Freshman Foundation BSU Board

Jingwen Liu, ‘16 Religion Major

Natalie Nites, ‘16 Biology major, ENVS minor, Kappa Kappa Gamma, SHARE Advocate

Raquel Rico, ‘16 Educational Studies Major, Queer Studies Fellow, Posse Scholar

Adam Weinberg, President, Denison University

Omar Vargas ‘16, Sociology/Anthropology major, Denison Dining Committee Chair

Frank “Trey” Proctor III, Associate Professor and Chair of History, Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Megan Lovely ‘19 English and Theatre double-major

Anna Nekola, Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication, Music, and Queer Studies

Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion

Meg Odell ‘19, Theatre and International Studies Double Major

Bill Kirkpatrick, Communication and Queer Studies

Warren Hauk, Biology and Queer Studies

Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Associate Professor of Classics and Women’s and Gender Studies, Interim Director, Denison Museum

Katherine Snipes, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Tom Schultz, Department of Biology

Mónica Ayala-Martínez

Gabe Schenker ‘18, Economics major, Theatre minor, Leadership Fellow

Lew Ludwig, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Matthew Neal, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Chair of the The Religious Life Advisory Board

Sarah Wolff, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Laura Lussier, ‘17, Creative Writing major

J.Gregg Parini, Professor of Physical Education, Head Swimming Coach, Great grandson of immigrants

Brenda M. Boyle, Associate Professor of English, Director of the Writing Center, and Posse Mentor

Joanna Tague, Assistant Professor of African History

Rebecca Homan, Associate Professor of Biology

Jeffrey B.Kurtz, Associate Professor of Communication

Adam Davis, Associate Professor of History

Laura Romano, Associate Professor of Biology

Karen Spierling, Associate Professor of History

Kim Coplin, Provost

Yadi Collins, Registrar

John E. Cort, Professor of Religion

Sylvia A. Brown, Visiting Assistant Professor of English

James A. Weaver, Assistant Professor of English

Sohrab Behdad, Professor of Economics

Rhea Patil, Communications Major

Jessica Rettig, Associate Professor of Biology

Erin Worden ‘17, International Studies & English (Literature) Major

Sara Lee, Women’s Basketball Coach, Associate Athletic Director

Karen Graves, Professor of Education

Suzanne Baker, Instructor/Field Experience Coordinator  in Education

Asesha Dayal ‘17, Communication & Economics major

Catherine Dollard, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Associate Professor of History

Gary L Baker, Professor Of German

Michael M. Fuson, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Marissa Gilbert, ‘15  Admissions Counselor

Seth Schoenhaus ‘18, Religion Major, DU It For Israel Treasurer

Jordan Katz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Vatsal Jhawar ‘19, Economics and Math Major, Leadership Fellow.

Teresa Smit, ‘15, Greene Biological Laboratory Specialist

Bryan LeBlanc ‘15, Program Coordinator for the Campus Leadership & Involvement Center

Makiva McIntosh, Director of the Annual Fund

James Hale, University Communications

Peter Kuhlman, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Pam Magelaner, Library Circulation Supervisor

Kristen Pantle, Library Associate III

Robin Bartlett Professor of Economics and Queer Studies

Nick Radmer ‘18, Theatre and English Double Major, Sophomore DITA Officer

Gary L Baker, Professor Of German

Michael M. Fuson, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Marissa Gilbert, ‘15  Admissions Counselor

Seth Schoenhaus ‘18, Religion Major, DU It For Israel Treasurer

Jordan Katz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Vatsal Jhawar ‘19, Economics and Math Major, Leadership Fellow.

Teresa Smit, ‘15, Greene Biological Laboratory Specialist

Bryan LeBlanc ‘15, Program Coordinator for the Campus Leadership & Involvement Center

Makiva McIntosh, Director of the Annual Fund

James Hale, University Communications

Peter Kuhlman, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Pam Magelaner, Library Circulation Supervisor

Robin Bartlett Professor of Economics and Queer Studies

BethAnn Zambella, Director of Libraries

Nick Radmer ‘18, Theatre and English Double Major, Sophomore DITA Officer

Joel Lohoua ’17, Athletic Training major, Varsity football athlete

Kristy Bellofatto, University Communications

Ted Burczak, Professor of Economics

Toni King, Associate Professor of Black Studies and Women’s Studies

Scott Tribble, University Communications

Akeem Costa,  Annual Fund

Tom Evans, Professor emeritus, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ginny Sharkey, University Communications

Laura Frame, Senior Development Officer, Major and Planned Giving

Jack Hire, University Communications

Michelle Foster, Advancement Services

Sarah Graves, Head Volleyball Coach

Kara Pickler, Associate Director of the Annual Fund

Seth Rogers ‘03, Music Department

Sally Bulford,  Visiting Professor, English

Alexa Peterson, Alumni Relations

Steve Crawford, Director ~ Alumni Relations

Cody Brooks, Psychology Department

Colleen Goodhart, Library

Michelle Foster,  Advancement Services

Andrea Lourie, Psychology Department

Sibel Alpakin, ‘17, Psychology and History Major

Emily Nemeth, Assistant Professor, Department of Education

Mahnoor Qadri,’19, Biology Major

Mary Prophet, Retired Librarian

Rachel Mitton-Fry, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dyan Couden, AAA, Studio Art and Art History and Visual Culture