News Editor

The third annual TEDxDenisonU presentations will take place on March 22 in the Slayter Union Auditorium at 5:30 p.m.  Instead of following a theme, this year’s presentations will feature innovative ideas throughout several disciplines, allowing for a broad, experiential learning experience for the Denison community and the surrounding area.

TEDx is an independent sector of TED talks, an online forum that offers informative short lectures from a variety of fields. Last year, presenters discussed the meaning and importance of creative destruction.

The decision to not include a theme for this year’s talks came from the organizing committee made up of head student organizers Isabel Randolph ‘17 and Dylan Parson ‘17, faculty member David White and a small group of students.

Randolph said, “we decided to go without a theme this year because, while it has added focus in the past, it also limits the speakers, and we wanted to give them full freedoms this year to talk about whether inspired them. We have a really great variety of speakers and subjects so I think it paid off.”

This year, the talks range in topics from heartbreak to environmental economics, art to the definition of home.

The presentations will feature seniors Jenny Kim ‘16, Yangsun Kim ‘16, Omar Vargas ‘16, Emily Schultz ‘16 and Sarah Curtin ‘18. Other presenters from the Denison community are alumni Sam Heyman ‘15 and faculty members Diana Mafe, Steven Doty and Quentin Duroy.

TEDx gives students and faculty a forum to discuss and present new research and ideas in a supportive forum.

Randolph also said, “It’s a really great addition to the Denison community because not only is it cool to host TEDx and have Denison students and faculty featured in actual TED videos, but it’s also a great platform to promote dialogue and new, innovative ideas that otherwise might not have a platform.”

Those who are interested in attending should pre-register by emailing [email protected]