Recurring frustrations have motivated us to set the record straight: The Denisonian is not obligated to publish everything that floods our inbox weekly.  Our publication makes its way onto every corner of our campus without careful deliberation from our group of editors.  Working long hours in our little hole in Knapp, we’re proud of what we accomplish.

It’s our duty to produce the best paper we can, every seven days striving to improve our weekly grade from our finest critic, Alan Miller.  That being said, we have the right to edit your article.  We’re allowed to make the collective decision that your opinion piece isn’t appropriate or that we don’t have the space for your article in news. 

The Denisonian tries its best to cover as large a spectrum as possible, while keeping our paper relevant to our fine community on the hill. Send us your ideas – there’s nothing we love more than writing the title “Special to The Denisonian,” under a headline, signifying the emergence of a first time writer. But don’t direct your backlash at The Denisonian if you’re not 100 percent satisfied.  At the end of the day the decisions are ours, respect them and know that we’re not committed to do anything we don’t seem fit.  With that being said, know that you will have to be saying some ignorant stuff to be declared unfit by the staff.

The content of an article rarely leads us to bar it from publication. We refuse to print propaganda, press release-style advertisements disguised as articles or personal attacks.  In addition, we should mention that we reserve the right to cut an article if it has previously been printed in The Bullsheet.  If you want to run a piece of propaganda put it in The Bullsheet. The Denisonian’s goal is to inform the general student audience about the news that matters. If your news doesn’t matter, don’t expect to see it in our publication.