Owen Smith

Features Editor

Now that the Spring Break beach trips are over and the spring athletic season is in full swing, many people are heading to Mitchell with the hopes of winning the NCAC championship or the best summer community-pool body. Luckily, if people find themselves spending hours at the gym a day, they may want to indulge in a healthy snack at the new Mitchell Snack bar, located right outside the Crown Fitness Center.

Headed by Alexandria Nickles ‘17 along with the Denison Student Athletic Advisory Comittee (DSAAC) and Bon Appetit, the snack bar just finished its second week of operation. The preparations took months, with surveys distributed and meetings held throughout the fall and early spring to determine the menu.

“The snack bar seemed the perfect gateway to support the whole student body, throughout  not just athletes, in the their needs to achieve healthy lifestyles,” Nickles said.

Long lines have packed the snack bar initially, which accepts Denison, declining dollars and regular dollars. Essentially a smaller version of what the Slayter student center offers, but its location appears to be more. The smoothies have seemed to garner the most excitement among customers. Priced at $3.75 for 12 oz., the snack bar offers a wide variety of options. Peanut Butter, Strawberry Banana and Blueberry head the options, but if you are willing to drop a few dollars you can can get fruit or granola added to the drink.

Basketball player Kristin Schneider ‘18 cannot get enough of the new dining option at Mitchell.

I go after practice or when I go to the gym,” Schneider said. “Our whole team gets them after practice. They are so addicting. I haven’t gone a day without getting one.” Sophie Murray ‘19 is all about the smoothies as well, commenting “I love peanut butter, so the banana peanut butter with the protein was my favorite.” Owen Berman ‘18, was not so keen on the smoothies.

“I tried the peanut butter one,” Berman said. “I thought it was kind of bland and too icy.” Nickles is part of the contingent that loves the smoothies, and says that all of them are good, but her favorite is a tie.

“Please don’t make me choose,” Nickles said. “It’s either the peanut butter Banana or Piper’s Vegan/Gluten Free.

The Mitchell Snack Bar is open from 3:30-7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Photo courtesy of Nelson Dow/The Denisonian