Managing Editor

You may have noticed that something has been missing from the features section over the past two weeks. Unfortunately, “Beer of the Week” is on a hiatus. While some might be happy to see it go, The Denisonian staff will miss our beloved column.

However, we are excited to introduce a new advice column this week, “Dear Ann.” Do you have questions about relationships, Denison or life in general? Do you have a question that you are too nervous to ask your friends? Or a question about your friends?

Email it to [email protected] and we may publish it, anonymously, of course, with a response from our new columnist, Ann. It’s like Yik Yak, but with helpful and witty advice.

Ann is a Denison student. She (or he? — we’ll never reveal their secret identity) balances friends, a relationship, extracurriculars and Denison classes — the perfect person to give advice to peers.

So, why the new column? It can get a little boring, for me at least, to write and read the same things each week. Opinion is a section with a pretty standard layout. While it’s great to hear students’ contribute to the campus dialogue or just ponder life, and the section is liked by many, I worry that too many people skim over page four and five because it doesn’t always have an attention grabbing look.

Just as “Beer of the Week” revitalized the features section, hopefully “Dear Ann” can bring some levity to the opinion section.

So write in. We can’t wait to see how it works out.