Among the many new additions to Denison’s campus, whether it be the new pavement of the walkway leading to and from Huffman dining hall or the renovation of Curtis dining hall itself, the remodeling of the fine arts quad, or south quad, is certainly in the loop of much anticipated changes being made.

“We have an incredibly long and proud tradition across the arts at Denison,” President Adam Weinberg said. “The building will recognize the strength of our academic programs and the passions and talents of our students.”

The project includes a building with new spaces for the dance, music and theatre departments, where some offices for these departments will also be located. Teaching, creating and rehearsing spaces for faculty/staff and students will also be provided.

“I’m excited about sharing spaces and collaborating,” said Mark Bryan, associate professor for the theatre department, “and even more excited about the possibilities for our students working together in these new spaces.”

As it stands, there will be no class meetings interrupted by the building processes to take place. “It is the intent of the Denison folks involved in the planning as well as the architect and construction firm that nothing will be taken off line until the building is completed,” said Michael Morris, the director of fine arts programming, “then Ace Morgan would be removed and a parking lot added there.”

“Denison has stayed ahead of the curve in its science labs and continues to update classrooms across campus so that they support our faculty’s most creative pedagogy. The Mitchell Center is state-of-the-art,” Laurel Kennedy, vice president of student development said.

Morris added that the Burke Recital Hall and Burke Black Box will both get renovations done that are “vital” to the project’s functionality. The theater being built is expected to seat audiences ranging from 150 to 400 people.

“The renovation of Cleveland Hall as the Bryant Arts Center did wonders for the visual arts, and the new performing arts center will do the same for dance, music and theater,” Dr. Kennedy added. “It will allow us to be bring excellence to the facilities used across the entire liberal arts curriculum.”

The construction start period has not yet been announced to the general public.

Photo Courtesy of Kaitlyn Specht/The Denisonian