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Last Thursday, A-quad was full of tables, posters and students walking through the maze that is the annual fall semester involvement fair. From athletic clubs, to greek life, to religious based clubs and everything in between, students were given the opportunity to sign up for clubs and organizations that cater to each of their hobbies and personalities. Among these clubs was an organization that is fairly new to Denison’s campus called Spoon Denison.

Spoon Denison is a club focused on bringing simple recipes and food hacks to Denison students through its Buzzfeed style articles, videos and photos. Banana Splits, Taco Dan’s and Slayter salads are a few topics among many of which Spoon Denison focuses on in their publications.

Editor-and-chief, Jamie Carroll ‘18, told The Denisonian that her favorite part about Spoon Denison is, “seeing the creative article ideas that people come up with. No other website is writing articles about food like this.” Carroll also mentioned that she appreciates the fact that the organization is geared toward college-aged students. “The articles are written about topics we have interests in and it’s more of a conversational kind of article” said Carroll. Articles and videos by Spoon are published online for anyone to access, giving the club a wide range of viewers and followers.

Though Spoon is relatively new to Denison’s campus, it is well known throughout the country. Since its founding in March of 2014 at Northwestern university, 150 other “chapters” have been founded across the United States, and the organization is only growing. The national organization proudly states that Spoon University “is the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense.”

Members of our local Spoon Denison strive to incorporate the mission of Spoon University which is to provide a source where “you can find the simplest recipes, the most obvious hacks you can’t believe you didn’t know, and the best restaurants around campus that you haven’t found yet.”

The Spoon Denison team is happy to have a chapter of Spoon on campus.

“I knew about Spoon before it became a club here,” said Carroll. “So as soon as I found out Denison had one, I knew I wanted to be apart of it.” Carroll explained that each school with a Spoon chapter appoints a team of leadership to keep things running smoothly. Other members of Spoon Denison include marketing director, Lex Asselta ‘19 and video director Alex Frank ‘18.

Spoon Denison offers a little something for all students.

“If you have a passion for food you should totally check out Spoon,” said Carroll. “We are looking for people who love writing and are willing to dedicate time and put a lot of effort into the articles they write.” Students with a passion for journalism, marketing, event planning, photography and eating delicious food are encouraged to check out what Spoon has to offer.

Next time you order your favorite chicken avocado burger from Slayter, or pick up a milkshake and pizza bagel from The Bandersnatch, remember to send your delicious, mouth-watering pics to Spoon Denison!

Photo Courtesy of Alex Frank