Managing Editor

The Denison Student Government Association kicked off a new semester with a bit of fanfare and a little drama.

The executive officers, led by President Sara Shore ‘17, began by giving their reports. Vice President Sarah Anstaett ‘18, whose duties include leading the Committee on Residential Life, said the committee plans to discuss student financial literacy as well as gender neutral bathrooms this semester.

Budgeting season has historically been a tough time for the senate, although changes made last year were received well. Finance Chair Will Lull ‘17 said he plans to work to improve the process, because he doesn’t “want budgeting to be a dirty word.”

Policy Chair Richelle Leuchter ‘17 announced that there are multiple potential new clubs. She has already met with table tennis and gym class heroes, a club that would meet to play classic gym games like capture the flag and kickball. She said there are at least three other clubs, but declined to name them due to the ongoing approval process.

After appointing Abby Zofchak ‘17 to the Academic Affairs Council, the senate decided to postpone the discussion of the other open positions on the AAC, Personnel and Intercollegiate Athletics committees until September 20 due to a lack of nominations. Students interested in joining one of the committees should contact a DCGA senator.