Special to The Denisonian

A college campus with as much to offer as Denison tends to cause students and faculty to be lost in the chaos of events. Too often exciting projects and announcements are ignored and buried under other news.

Now, students no longer have to miss out on amazing opportunities when they download Denison’s new app.

The app, released last spring, has all the information regarding life in Denison and Granville. Looking for news updates? The soccer score? What guests are visiting campus? This app has you covered.  Found in the app store, this resource is free and beneficial for everyone- from President Weinberg to the next prospective student.

The Office of Web, Social, Mobile Strategy and  Development is the team responsible for this new resource. Scott Tribble, Director of Digital Strategy and Development and a member of the development team, hopes the app will bring more excitement and awareness to campus.

“Denison is a college on-the-move—there are so many exciting things happening here… The best ambassadors for the college are our students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends— by keeping them in-the-know, they’ll help tell Denison’s compelling story to the world,”

Response to the app has been overwhelmingly positive as students begin to rely  on it for quick information and updates.  The reaction is so successful that the development team is beginning to market the app to Columbus areas beyond Licking County. Ideally, the app could reach people who know little about the amazing events at Denison and attract them to campus.

The app has already started to create a positive effect on students.  It has a way of making all the possibilities at this school a little less overwhelming.  Katie Aucamp ‘20, describes the app as an easy way to discover everything that Denison has to offer.

“As a freshman trying to get involved it can be hard to figure out what is available.  When I first downloaded the app I was so surprised how everything became so simple and easy” she said

The app separates news and updates into distinct categories. The noteworthy news is separated from the lists of events. These are broken down even further into specific groups, and include quick links to Denison’s website. These features make finding specific information easier for the user.

“If you enable push notifications, you’ll be the first to know about exciting campus news such as the new majors…  We’re really excited to have more and more people use it—we hope they’ll find it convenient and fun to use” Tribble said

Students looking for the app can search “Denison University” in the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. 

Since the spring release, the app has experienced no problems and Tribble does not anticipate any to arise.