DCGA President

Welcome back fellow Denisonians!

Denison is off to a great start this year: we had a record number of admissions applications, have blueprints for the fine arts reconstruction project, a large donation to our Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, and a glowing commendation from the Princeton Review. Needless to say, it’s a good time to be a Denison student. However, there are always improvements to be made and Denison Campus Governance Association is ready to get started.

One of the main goals of DCGA this year is to re-examine our structure. How can we include the most campus voices and participation? How can we convince all students that their opinions carry weight? How can we increase our own transparency? These are questions we hope to examine this semester with a DCGA Design Lab.

Additionally, each of our executive board chairs has some projects under their belt. Olivia Ireland, Policy Chair, will take some time in the coming weeks to bring attention to some of our policies implemented last spring. Additionally, we hope to introduce some new housing reforms – so stay tuned.

Sarah Hoffman and Richelle Leuchter, the Speaker and Rules Chair respectively, are looking to create more community senator positions, enabling more groups to lend their voice to major decisions. We are also preparing to assign DCGA senators to each campus organization and increase interactions as well as relevant policies for all groups on campus. In turn, this will benefit the budgeting process as Will Lull and Alexandria Nickles, the Finance Chair and Treasurer respectively, look forward to continuing the positive momentum of the spring budgeting process by focusing on year-round accessibility of the finance committee.

Lastly, Lily Gross, DCGA’s Public Relations Chair, is looking to further publicize our minutes, agendas and upcoming governance committee elections to encourage students to take advantage of the integral role they play in changes on our very own campus.

So, what does this mean for you? With these new methods of transparency, you will know your elected DCGA senators better. Your organization’s budgeting process should be easier than before. More students than ever are expected be involved in some facet of campus governance. And it’s important to note that we, as students, have the power and the possibility to change Denison, leaving it even better than when we first arrived. So get excited and feel free to stop by our first DCGA meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 6th in Burton Morgan Lecture Hall.


Sara Shore ‘17, DCGA President

Sarah Anstaett ‘18, DCGA

Vice President