As this staff of editors enters our second semester of terms as members of The Denisonian, we have become much more comfortable with our roles around campus and in the office. It takes time to understand the ins and outs of running a section of the paper and to truly add your own flavor to the product the organization puts out each week. We have a vision for each of our sections. Now that we have returned to campus, we are excited to add new features that will enhance our readers’ experience.

Among these features is a new videography element, the development of which is being spearheaded by the paper’s photo editor, Alex Caprara ‘18. He spent the summer interning for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and soaked up as much knowledge as he could about photojournalism and the directions professional news sources are taking in terms of content delivery. He will be attending as many campus wide events as he can, of course toting his camera, and sporting the boyish grin we’ve come to love around the office. He is the staff’s hero, but he cannot take on his task alone.

We are also going to include weekly updates regarding the goings-on within DCGA. There is a lot of stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes that students don’t always know about, and DCGA and The Denisonian has agreed that greater transparency would be beneficial to the general student body. We do need a staff writer to cover meetings, and this is one of the positions that will be available to students who are interested.

Alongside these features, we will be aiming to accomplish several goals alongside our traditional aim to deliver accurate and fair news to our readers. We will be attempting to attract a more diverse crowd of writers for every section, especially our Opinion section. The page to the right of this editorial is meant to be a forum for the whole campus: people from different groups, different quads and different backgrounds. Often last semester, Denisonian staff members’ opinions filled these columns. We must emphasize that this section is for you. It is your chance to interact with our process and contribute to the campus conversation.

In addition, across every section, editors will be making a conscious effort to include more graphics to help tell our stories more effectively and more colorfully. It is our goal to always keep the campus involved with what is happening, in as much detail and creativity as we can allow.