Features Editor

Perfect weather and a plethora of student performers headlined this year’s Running of the Bears, held off campus at a large field in Pataskala, Ohio.

For an entrance fee of $20, students were able to enjoy an open beer truck as well as rides to and from the ranch.

While many people laid blankets out and lounged on the grass, some set up hammocks, danced by the performers or explored the grounds that provided forests, fields and a river.

The event is hosted by a group of friends not officially recognized by Denison University. Because of this, members of panhellenic sororities are discouraged to attend. Even with this sorority-instituted ban, Denison students and alumni still thoroughly enjoy the all-day event. The group sold around 250 tickets this year.

“Everyone is open to go, it’s not exclusive like a lot of fraternity and sorority events,” an organizer of the event said. “We’re just trying to show everyone a good time. I love the music, the vibes. A lot of people say it’s the last bastion of chilling.”

Once the sun set, students started up a fire that people gathered around to warm themselves against the early autumn cold. Busses shuttled students back to campus as the festival came to a close, but people are already looking forward to the spring when Running of the Bears returns under the guise of Bear Dance.

Photo Courtesy of Owen Smith/The Denisonian