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As students presented in the Bryant Arts Center, the Young Summer Scholars Program came to a close.

Thursday, September 22, 13 Denison students shared their research in creative writing and fine arts that they pursued for ten weeks this past summer.

Different from the poster presentation of the Social Sciences and Humanities students, these presenters shared their experience, what influenced their topic choice, and a short part of their project.

From Japanese identity discovery to visually display of memory of the Holocaust, these young scholars introduced new concepts to their audience.

This years scholars traveled far and near for their projects. While some crossed oceans, others stayed right here on Campus.

Eveyln Kendix ‘19 did her project on “Art in the Environment: A Study of Transient Sculpture” in Denison Biological Reserve. Kendix has previously stated how this summer opportunity has opened her to look into sustainable architecture as a future project.

Many of the students who researched this summer said to have benefited from the experience. 

Some students continue to showcase their projects to multiple audiences. 

This past Thursday, Ivy Distler ‘18 and Matthew Dumon ‘17 shared their projects in galleries at Bryant Art and Mulberry House.

“I loved it.  It was such an incredible experience to be working here on campus,” Distler said. 

“We would have critiques every week where we would talk about what we need to push and what we should try again, and it was just awesome!  It’s definitely given me some perspective on what I want to do in the future in art.”

Distler and Dumon worked closely on their projects. 

Distler combined biology and art in her work titled Out of the Cabinet, while Dumon focused on painting in his exhibition titled On the Edge of Myself.

While Dumon, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, was busy setting up his gallery as Ivy shared some of her work.

These are just two of many who learned insight about themselves and their passions this summer.

Many students were eager to talk to professors and other audience members after the presentation portion of the event.

As this year’s presentations end, students are already starting to to think about next year’s research opportunities. 

Hannah Glick ‘18 said “The Scholars Program is a really great opportunity because it provides real-world experience, which is why I plan on doing it again this summer.  By participating in this research I can get ahead in my field.”

The Young Scholars Program is open to eligible rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

If you are thinking about researching a topic this summer, contact the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement for more information.

Photo Courtesy of Owen Smith/The Denisonian