If you’ve been sitting in the library doing your homework and randomly been kicked off of the campus Wi-Fi, congratulations! You’re not alone.

Students have been having issues with the campus networking, experiencing random drops and inability to log back in. It’s especially inconvenient when doing work that requires use of the internet.

We’ve been having this issue among the staff as well. Several of our editors have mentioned issues with the wireless internet on campus. This is in addition to the problems we’ve heard about Dialpad, with calls getting dropped and certain numbers unreachable, as shown on the NetNotes page when logging into MyDenison.

We know that Information Technology Services is managing a whole lot of data and that they can’t be on top of every little thing all the time, but it is quite frustrating that we’re now a month into the school year and this is still happening.

Even more frustrating is that the cause of the disconnects is still unknown. There is no rhyme or reason to the disconnects; whether in the library, Knapp, Mitchell, or even Slayter, the risk of getting booted is equally high.

So how can we try to fix this ourselves? Submit a trouble ticket or visit the Help Desk if you have connection troubles. Even if they can’t fix it on the spot, if they get enough tickets, they’ll have to take a look at the system itself and hopefully figure out why so many Denisonians can’t use their beloved Internet without having to stop everything and restart their machines every hour or so.