Fall break is nearly upon us again.

The leaves are changing color, football is on around the clock and we now seemingly have all the time in the world. But there’s one thing the staff is concerned about: what do we do with ourselves?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that everyone wishes they knew more people. We have enjoyed the company of a vast majority of individuals. 

Community at Dension is a concept that is stressed ad nauseam, but in the office we had an in-depth, tearful conversation about fall break and what it could mean for the Denison campus.

Most people will, and should, sleep for more than 24 hours in one time.  But once we catch up on our sleep, a mild amount of work and the splendor of fall in central Ohio await us.

There’s plenty to do around campus. Explore the Bio Reserve. Go to the Newark ice rink. Meet someone who’s stranded.

All we’re saying is that if we were more serious about building the school community and branching out our friend groups so they are less segregated, we should encourage more people to stay around during these four days.

Maybe Denison should organize a few events to attract people to campus. 

Fall break is often a time when students return home to visit their parents-much of the staff is doing just that. But that doesn’t mean we are right. We make mistakes.

Let’s start some events so that people don’t go home during Fall Break. We think that we might as well use this time to meet more people. Meeting more people has never been a bad thing and has never been detrimental to any person at any time in history. Ever.