Staff Writer

While watching the election, last week, I sat in the Black Student Union as Trump slowly took the lead. Once Trump won Pennsylvania, which basically solidified his win of the presidential election, I shut off the television.

My heart sunk to my stomach and I began to cry profusely. Now, while I don’t consider myself to be an emotional person, something triggered in me and I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Throughout the presidential campaigns and speeches, I prayed and hoped that the day the election rolled around, Hillary would be president and Trump’s name would soon be out of the public’s consciousness. I was so wrong.

I voted for Hillary Clinton, and I’ve made it clear that I do not agree with everything she has done in the past. However, my decision came down to the candidate with whom I felt that I had little to lose if they were elected.

I told myself I would not feel safe under a Trump presidency,  and unfortunately I am living it right now currently in a red state. I grew up in Boston, and we always go blue, I can admit this is my first time being in a red state and I don’t know how to feel about it.

I don’t care whether you voted for Hillary or Trump. I can’t make that anymore clear. However, if you voted for Trump, I want you to understand what you put at stake for your counterparts and yourself. We elected a man who has zero political experience over a woman with 30 years of political experience. America was so caught up in change.

Trump is the president-elect. There are no IF’S or BUT’S about it. We have to move on as a country and find a way to handle what will come our way the next four years. We cannot give up though. We have to unite more than ever right now.

Do I believe that if you voted for Trump that you are racist? No.

However, I’m convinced you have deicded that racism, seixsm and homophobia aren’t deal-breakers for you. And I cannot respect that decision because it makes me come to the conclusion that you are not an ally for the fight for equality in America.

America has failed their women, LGBTQ community, ethnic/religious minorities, people with disabilities and the list goes on. Our nation has instituted a misogynist, bigot and an inexperienced FOOL into office who has shown no remorse for the comments he has made against any of the communities I listed above.

America needs to take a good look at itself. We failed as a country and it truly makes me sad.

I genuinely believe this is the third rise of white supremacy in America, and when a friend of mine here at Denison, who is a student of color tells me that she encountered three students joking about white power recently after the election while walking through campus, then referred to her by remarking, “oh shit there’s one of them behind us”… it only reinforces my beliefs on what this election has brought out in America.

Although the country is currently in mourning, and many feel as if there is no hope. We have to remember: When they go low, We go high. 

Joshua Lee is a political science major from Boston, Massachusetts.