Sports Editor

Denison swim and dive is a small fish in a big pond as the team excels in higher division meets.

The Big Red takes on daunting challenges as they swim against Division I schools.  However, as hard as Denison swims, sometimes the pond is too big.

While Denison defeated Xavier, the meet against The Ohio State University had a different outcome.

The Big Red left the Buckeyes with a final score of 187-107 for the women and 186-103 for the men, but Denison promises to continue to work hard and make a strong appearance at future meets.

On top of being successful enough to take on DI schools, Denison can hold their own.  Few athletes would feel confident going into a competition like this, let alone make sure Ohio State works for the win.

“We are only a month and a half into our training, but we’ve quickly learned what it takes to be an essential part of this team,” Michaela Morrison ‘20 said. “Our practices demand more than we think we are capable of, but Gregg Parini, our head coach said, ‘There is no improvement in the comfort zone. You cannot expect success by making the same choices you did yesterday.’”

Although it was a tough loss, Denison men and women rallied for a strong meet against another Division 1 team.  Tackling Xavier University the next day, Big Red reestablished their victory status when the men won 150.5-111.5 and the women won 150-107.

Working as a team, Denison did not let another big school take away their champion status.  The men’s team is ranked number one among Division III schools, while the women are ranked third.

Despite now having a 3-2 record, Denison continues to show the big fish that size does not relate to skill.

“We have been training hard these past weeks,” KT Kustritz ‘20 said.  “My expectations for meets are always high but I am just focusing on having solid swims, and having a great time with my teammates!”

Kustritz is one of the swimmers who has led the team in the past few meets.  Every swimmer puts everything they have into each swim, and recognizing effort despite outcome is important when DI schools come into play.

“We hold ourselves accountable for making a change. We encourage each other in the middle of difficult sets, and cheer one another on for accomplishments outside of the pool,” Morrison said. “I can feel a difference in myself, but I know it would not have come as quickly if I wasn’t surrounded by people who challenge me to be better.”

The swimming and diving teams have a conference meet against Kenyon this saturday. Both teams look to be victorious again over their rival.