Staff Writer

On Monday, November 28th The Ohio State University was the victim of a brutal attack. The attack was committed by legal, permanent U.S. resident, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a student on the campus who immigrated to the United States from a refugee camp in Pakistan in 2007.

Artan proceeded to go on a stabbing rampage and injured 11 people. Law enforcement on the case believe that Artan was inspired by ISIS and dedicated himself to the Islamic State and Islamic extremism, though this is yet to be proven.

This is big news for America, who is deciding about letting in thousands upon thousands of refugees from areas compromised by radical Islamic terrorism.

I have my own personal beliefs about the idea of allowing these refugees into our country, however, I don’t believe it is time to debate and push forward our own beliefs. This is a time for grieving and coming together for the victims of a serious attack.

This article is not about my opinions on the refugee crisis in America. I am taking a step back and instead focusing on the public’s reaction to the horrific and evil event that took place last week.

When the attack was first announced and was being broadcasted all over the country on the numerous major news networks, the public expressed themselves.

All over social media citizens got into arguments about politics and what should and shouldn’t be done after this incident.

I saw posts about needing stricter gun control – even though there was no gun used. I saw posts about race, ethnicity and other ignorant posts from people representing both sides of the political spectrum. There were students who were fighting for their lives and scared beyond their wildest dreams.

Nightmares were becoming a reality for OSU, yet people were too occupied with trying to push forward their political beliefs. This is fundamentally wrong.

There is a time for politics, but not during a horrific attack. When events like this happen, as they have in the past, Americans should be praying to their God, coming together, and hoping that the victims are all right.

We need to feel for the victims and not make the situation about what we believe in, politically. America needs to show more respect and realize that there is a certain time and place for civil debate, but during times of crisis, those debates must be set aside for the time being and grieving and praying should take its place.

I am by no means against arguing for your beliefs. However, America has shown a tendency to, instead of grieving and feeling for the victims of horrific attacks. Use them to emphasize their arguments for a political discussion. This is wrong and respect needs to be shown. The victims deserve respect and all of our wishes.

I wish for everyone to recognize that there is a time and a place for discussion, but at the same time, there must be a period of coming together first.

We are all Americans. And the praying and hope for our fellow people’s safety and well-being in these situations should always come before we push forward our own beliefs.

God Bless America.