Editors-in-Chief & Managing Editor

This is the end of our Denisonian careers. What you are holding in your hands or reading online is the last fingerprint we will leave on this oldest-established permanent floating crap game (hopefully).

We are left with a few questions: where will we nap? How will we even make it to the end of this editorial? How many words do we need to write to fill this space?  What was the point?

But more than asking questions, we are taking time to reflect on the last 20 issues, and the last three years during which we have been involved with this organization. We each joined the paper for different reasons and began our experience in different sections.

Neil joined Sports because he wanted something that would force him to write at least a little bit every week. Emily joined News because she wanted to learn more about how campus functioned. Kalyn joined Arts and Life because her joy for writing articles for the section turned into a desire to contribute to more of the work she’d already been doing.

The paper fulfilled these roles for us, but we stuck with the paper for similar reasons.  There have been really difficult weeks and ones where each of us in turn has felt like quitting.  What always stops us is the sense that we owe each other.  We owe each other not just for the help we’ve offered each other in the office, but also the help they’ve given us personally.  They’ve been there for some of the most formative years of our lives thus far.  We owe each other because we share an experience that has profoundly shaped the people we have become.

The paper has meant different things to each of us over time.  Every issue is a struggle.  Yet and still, alongside whatever craziness we’ve had in our own lives, we come together every Sunday and Monday about three times a month to get out the next issue.  And after taking care of this collective craziness, we return back to our own, satisfied with the work we’ve done.

As we export this last issue, we thought we should take the time to thank you for reading and for giving us this stage.  It’s been a pleasure to serve you, and we’re confident that next year’s staff is up to the challenge.  We think they’re capable of outdoing our achievements.

The three of us will sign off for now, but we wish them, and you, readers, all the luck in the world.