Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc. was founded on Sept. 9 1999, which is dedicated to promoting Asian American awareness at Denison.

Last week, the brothers celebrated their annual Founder’s Week by hosting a number of interesting events on campus.

From ‘Articulating your Value’ with the Knowlton Center to a delicious ‘Founder ’s Day BBQ’ on North Quad, all the dedicated programs were eventful as well as enjoyable for everyone involved.

Being the newest fraternity to be introduced on campus, the values that Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc. stands for, such as leadership and scholarship, could be clearly seen in how zestfully they celebrated Founder’s Week.

Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc. was the first multicultural fraternity to be founded in the Midwest and helps give a voice to the Asian American community.

As their motto, “Leaders, not followers,” suggests, the brothers enforce leadership in all aspects of their lives.

Whether it be in academics, sports, or other organizations, being self-sufficient and taking charge of the situation is what all the members strive for.

Many people from all around campus came to celebrate Founder’s Week.

“By celebrating Founder’s Week through these events, we managed to not only bring our fraternity closer, but also students and faculty from all over campus,” said Thales Zhang ’20, a member of Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc.

“Our organization prides itself on the principles of scholarship and leadership, two pillars that we strive to portray in all that we do. Found- er’s Week is meant to bring these values to the forefront, while also highlighting brotherhood! For us, being and growing together is what made our Founder’s Week so worthwhile. We are stronger together!” said Jorge Reynoso ’18, a member of Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc.

On Sept. 9, the anniversary of the founding of the fraternity, festivities ended with a thriving party held at the Sunset Lodge.

All the brothers danced.

“We start our Rush Week this Tuesday, September 12, for all interested gentlemen,” said Jorge Reynoso ’18, who’s excited to welcome new brothers to the Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc.