400,000 Americans died during World War II fighting against Fascism and Nazi Germany according to the National WWII Museum. 400,000 Americans fought to liberate the world of evil and anti-semitism. 400,000 Americans performed the ultimate sacrifice to ensure all people were free and treated equally. 400,000 Americans died fighting exactly what has developed in American society.

The Nazi movement has reformed within the United States and the events that occurred in Charlottesville, VA are proof of what white nationalists are capable of. A young woman, Heather Heyer, died at the hands of Nazis, when an Ohio native rammed his car into a crowd of ANTIFA protesters. Nazis are killing again.

Our President, Donald J. Trump, heartedly endorsed this group of individuals and refused to condemn the actions of the Nazis that were threatening the lives of millions of Americans. The day President Donald Trump refused to acknowledge the KKK and the Nazis that were out protesting the removal of a Confederate Statue in Charlottesville was the day our President lost my support.

I am an extremely outspoken Conservative. I write on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, The Denisonian, etc. promoting a conservative viewpoint along with my personal beliefs. Most people know I voted for President Trump and defended him through thick and thin. I really liked the President and thought that he would truly Make America Great Again. He spoke for the people, the poor middle class in the Rust Belt. He spoke for my friends back home, who were dropping out of school and turning to illegal means to find refuge from their depressing lives. He spoke for my neighbors and friends and colleagues who have caught on to the opioid epidemic that is running rampant through my home. He spoke for my people.

I fell in love with his policy decisions and the bluntness of his rhetoric. I believed in Donald Trump and I proudly voted for the President. I never believed in the Fake News Media claiming he was a bigot or a puppet to Putin or even being a sexist. I believed that the MSM was harder on him than they were on former President Richard Nixon. I full-heartedly believed in Donald Trump and I trusted that he had all of America’s best interest in mind.

President Trump broke my trust on August 13th. While the KKK and Nazis living in our country openly endorsed the extermination of Jews and other minorities in our country during a protest of the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, they also endorsed the President and used his MAGA platform to utilize their evil beliefs. President Trump refused to condemn them. He allowed the hate to continue. He all but gave them an opening to grow their movement. He all but gave them his utmost approval.

I am no supporter of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. I think they are horrible organizations and need to be condemned. These groups rely on violence and fear to pursue their goals, yet do not equate to the hatred and evil that the KKK and Nazis represent. President Trump’s Klan is much worse.

The “two sides” are not equal. There is no explanation for President Trump’s remarks other than the blatantly obvious, that I hate to accept, but know is true: President Trump has truly shown the world what he is. President Trump is exactly what he has been accused of. He is on the side of the Nazis.

400,000 Americans did not die to have Donald J. Trump be the President of the United States. God Bless America.