In the era of the drag queen, beauty gurus and easy access to any makeup product, I feel I should be better at makeup than I know I am. Maybe it’s my lack of art abilities or possibly my shaky hand and impatience, but I have never had a great take at makeup.

My faults have lead me to think that maybe others out there are in the same boat. You feel like as a female (or one interested in makeup) that you should be good at it. In addition, some people make it look so easy to get the perfect eyebrows or a clear, smooth complexion. I think most people know that makeup is not that easy.

Therefore, I have been on a small hunt for the kind of makeup that will do the work for me. If I can share my findings here, then you don’t have to experiment with your money and face! Hopefully this is an arrangement that works for both of us and I can come back to write more editions of this review.

The first item of my review is Huda Beauty’s Winter Solstice Mini Lip Strobe Collection. Huda Beauty is a company started by Huda Luda, a woman who left her home of Dubai to pursue a passion of makeup in the United States. Her mission statement is to always produce a product that is responsible for women and does not compromise her integrity.

This viewpoint from Luda is what made me interested in her makeup, along with a recommendation from Editor-in-Chief emeritus Rachel Epstein ‘18. So being the money-smart kid that I am, I asked for Huda Beauty products for Christmas. To my delight I was graced with a highlight kit and these magical winter solstice lip glosses.

These lip glosses are perfect for any night out. They don’t really scream “day time look” due to the glittery shimmer, but in terms of going out at night I don’t think there is a limit to the events it can be worn at.

From a dinner party to a bar party, there is a look that these glosses can complete. Coming in four different colors, each gloss has a base of white shimmer and then a touch of another color – pink, purple, blue or gold.

I have worn the pink one to a concert and the gold one out to hang with friends, and both are subtle enough that they don’t scream “glitter bomb” but they do give a pop of color, shine and confidence.

This is the kind of makeup where the product does the work for you. Application is really easy as you just swipe it on your lips. There is no need to worry about coverage because it doesn’t rely on color. To me, this makes the product invaluable and a necessary purchase. It is also a statement piece so the look comes together around this easy to use lip gloss.

Purchasing the winter solstice pack means ordering it from Huda Beauty’s website for $33.00. The colors are Bewtiched (blue), Charmed (pink), Starcrossed (gold) and Hypnotic (purple). This is a limited edition pack so check it out sooner rather than later.

I hope to be back with more insightful amateur reviews of makeup. For anyone else who struggles with products, hang in there. We can tackle the world of beauty together.