For decades the Granville Inn has been a place filled with hospitality, comfort and generosity.  Students and their families always get the best service whether it is the welcoming dining room with its delicious food, the beautiful rooms, or the friendly and considerate workers.  Built in 1924, the Granville Inn has come a long way.  Denison University invested $11 million to renovate the hotel for the best possible accommodations for Denison students, family and visitors of Granville.  The hotel serves as a major accomplishment to the city of Granville.  

On December 13th, Explore Licking County recognized the Granville Inn for its first-rate hospitality with the Lodging Partner of the Year Impact Award.  This award is well-deserved considering the hard work and restoration that has been put into the hotel.  Ginny Sharkey from University Communications, had the opportunity to attend the press conference and quoted David English, Vice President of Finance and Management at Denison.  

English stated, “ We are happy that our hard work and commitment to the community have been recognized by Explore Licking County.  We consider Granville, Newark and Licking County as good partners in our work of educating students.”

He continued, “When students and residents live, work and learn together, community ties are strengthened. Our alumni appreciate coming back to Granville and Licking County, and the people and places they know here, almost as much as they do the campus proper.”

The sense of community and courtesy associated with the Granville Inn is a main reason for the honor.  

Being in the heart of Granville makes the Inn special to the students and inhabitants.  The Granville Inn strives for excellence and it deserves the praise it is receiving.  When families are driving and flying to drop their children off or visiting , the Granville Inn provides a comfortable and accommodating environment that makes their guest feel relaxed and appreciated. People are so fond of the service they receive at the Inn that it can be difficult to reserve a room without an advanced reservation.  

A sophomore at Denison University, Emma Halpern, stated about her experience, “Whenever my parents come to visit they always stay at the Granville Inn. I love getting dinner with them there, catching up and eating tasty food!”  

The Granville Inn is not just a hotel to stay for the night it is a enjoyable way to visit family and a charming college town. It will be interesting to see what achievements lie ahead for esteemed hotel.